środa, 4 września 2013

This is RvB

A small queue commercials of RvB (Red vs. Blue). RvB consists of two corporations , the Red Federation and Blue Republic, both of which are based on hi-sec in New Eden. Both companies are open to anyone who wants to learn PvP and to navigate in PvP. The whole concept is that you only fly with cheap ships, such as frigates (frigates) or Cruiser (cruiser), and shoot all the targets that belong to your opposing team.
Red Federation is always at war with Blue Republic in order to be able to practice PvP anywhere in New Eden.But they have no lessons or pilots who teach their skills to you, you should be curious and learn yourself if you should be in RvB fleet. Flights always cheap ship, for you will lose them. RvB replaces some lost ship, and you can also get some ship at the beginning of your membership.
Being a member of RvB to learn PvP is like teaching himself to swim. Just start shooting, fighting, in fleet or individually. But if you're looking for someone who can teach you more about PvP and another in New Eden, so I can recommend EVE University instead.